Add some finishing touches to your service and turn your spa service or medical treatment into a total beauty experience. Leave our spa looking flawless and feeling magnificent, from the beginning, right down to the very last detail. These are also great stand alone treatments.

“Lip Service” lip treatment

We want to give you “lip service” at Love Skincare Center. This is a splendid, personalized treatment just for your lips to remedy all of your lip area concerns. This treatment is focused on smoothing out lip lines, removing dry, dead skin, hydration, firming lips, plumping lips, and hair removal. You will receive a lovely, complimentary little pouch filled with yummy lip products following your treatment. We have just three words to say about this one…..FAB – U – Lips!!!
25 minutes $40.00

Neck and Chest/Bust

Throw away the scarves and the turtlenecks and invest in pearls. You will want to show off your new improved skin on an area where most people really show their age, the neck, décolleté and bust. This treatment reduces the visible signs of aging by firming, toning, reducing crepiness, smoothes the skin, lightens brown spots in addition to other unsightly skin lesions and gets rid of lines and wrinkles (you know where). This is a great add on if you would like to look younger below the jaw line. We customize this one to suit your needs.
45 minutes $ 50.00

Hand Facial

You take great care for your face but are you overlooking your hands? Our hand rejuvenation treatment reverses the common signs of aging hands. This customized treatment removes dead skin, smoothes, softens, removes brown spots, lines and scars in addition to softening the cuticles. Refresh and renew your hands with this ultra hydrating treatment. We recommend this treatment for dry, dehydrated or sun-damaged hands. You will enjoy the effects of this treatment for weeks. This is the best hand treatment ever…… Hands down!
60 minutes $35.00

Foot Facial

Get happy feet. Our foot rejuvenation treatment will increase your blood circulation while softening and refreshing your feet. This is serious foot care with beautiful results. You do not have to feel embarrassed by cracked heels and dry feet. If you have neglected your feet for a while, we are happy to help you regain their suppleness.
60 minutes $50.00

Dot Those Eyes

Let’s put the focus where it should be and that on your eyes; the window to the soul. We “dot every eye”, and cross every T with this comprehensive eye–zone service. This eye facial includes wrinkle rejuvenation, dark circle diminishing, de-puffing, brightening, smoothing and hydration. Jeepers creepers, what a difference this will make in your peepers.
30 minutes $ 40.00