You may be familiar with facials, but at Love Skincare Center we go beyond the usual steam, exfoliation, and extractions. We customize your experience from start to finish, making sure you receive great results and have a treatment you will thoroughly enjoy. If you’re not sure where to begin or if a facial is right for you, check out the frequently asked facial questions below.

Menu of Services

4-layer Facial

We love to pull out the stops for you with our premier, anti-aging, 4-layer facial. We put our own twist on a facial that has been voted the best facial of the century by Cosmopolitan UK and featured in Vogue, Allure, and GQ magazines, as the #1 Facial in the world. The results are impressive. You leave with an after glow that last….. Touch your skin and feel the difference!
90 minutes $95.00

24 karat gold facial

Our luxurious 24 Karat Gold facial infuses products formulated with 24 Karat gold powder and silk extract. Give yourself the royal treatment which reduces hyperpigmentation, perfects pores and minimizes fine lines. It does not get any richer than this one…. At Love Skincare Center we truly have the Midas touch!
90 minutes $75.00

Cryogenic Facial

You will love the Cryogenic facial. It is our most requested high performance facial because it gives an immediate glow and hydrates dry skin. This facial is infused with vitamins A and E to promote tissue regeneration for firming. This facial is ideal for you if you have sensitive skin or rosacea but it is a wonderful treat for anyone. This facial will put the life back into your skin.
90 minutes $75.00

Acne facial

Our acne facial is a dynamic treatment which gets right to the source of the problem to improve acne prone skin. It eliminates surface debris, loosens impactions, refines pores, reduces inflammation and improves cellular turnover. Why live with acne and acne breakout. Get the clear skin you deserve and say good-bye to annoying breakout.
90 minutes $75.00

Anti-aging facial

Turn back the clock on the aging process with our anti-aging facial and feel good at the same time. Soften lines and wrinkles and improve the tone and texture of your skin target elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. This is a good option if you want to push back surgery for something less invasive.
90 minutes $75.00

Hydrating facial

Just what your dry, dehydrated skin needs to feel good. Increase the moisture content in the skin, and enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Soften and nourishes dry skin for a more vibrant complexion.
60 minutes $65.00

Vitamin C facial

The vitamin C facial includes intense vitamin c therapy for dry, aging, sun-damaged skin. Even out your skin tone, repair sun and environmental damage, stimulate collagen and elastin, lighten sunspots, hydrate and restore your skin’s healthy radiance. All the products used in this facial contain vitamin c. You can never have too much of a good thing. You just relax and let the products do all the work.
90 minutes $75.00

Teen facial

We have facials just for teens which are customized to suite any teen skin needs.
60 minutes $65.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a facial?
A facial is a relaxing, beauty treatment for your face to give you cleaner, healthier, more vibrant and even-toned skin.

When should I have my first facial?
It depends on what you are trying to achieve. We offer several different facials that provide relaxation and/or correction for skin imperfections. Facials provide a great avenue to introduce to proper skin care to teenagers.

What can I expect before my facial service?
At Love Skincare Center we always begin with a thorough skin analysis to identify your skin type and skin condition. Then we create a customized skincare program and facial treatment that will compliment your budget and your lifestyle.

What is involved in the facial process?
We offer some variations to the traditional facial, however most facials include cleansing, extractions when necessary, the application of therapeutic products, massage, mask and sun protection.

What should I expect after the facial?
A facial should leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and supple. You should notice a healthy glow, and feel beautiful, renewed and rebalanced.

Is there any risk to a facial?
There is really no risk with a facial. Occasionally people experience breakout or have a minor reaction to the skincare products used during the treatment. To insure your skin is compatible with the products we use, we will do a patch test prior to your service.

What are the benefits of a facial?

  • You will achieve a clear complexion and a nice youthful glow.
  • You receive a deeper cleansing than you can accomplish at home.
  • You have a professional skin therapist who will assist you with proper skin care and educate you about the latest skin care products and procedures.
  • Facials thoroughly unclog pores and eliminate acne.
  • Facials soften the skin and even your skin tone.
  • Facials slow down premature aging and reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Facials balance your skin and stop dehydration.
  • Facials are RELAXING!

How will I improve my health with a facial?

  • Increased blood circulation to the face and neck – The warm steam and massage used during facials provides more than relaxation. These facial steps open pores and blood vessels to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow allows the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin which encourages new cell growth.
  • Reduced blood pressure – A soothing facial treatment and calming spa room helps you relax. Relaxation may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure caused by stress and anxiety.
  • Increased lymphatic drainage – Lymphatic drainage may be necessary for you to flush out toxins and reduce fluid retention. This keeps you looking youthful and eliminates puffiness.
  • Facials reduce minor congestion – The steam and pressure point massage administered during a facial reduce nasal and sinus congestion which unclogs nasal passages.

How often should I have a facial?
You should have a facial about every 4 -6 weeks for optimum skin health and to maintain your well being.