There is no substitute for a healthy, balanced, lifestyle. If you want to look healthy, feel great, slow down the effects of aging and rid your body of disease, visit our spa. We are waiting for you.


Of course you are familiar with facials, but at Love Skincare Center we go beyond the typical steam, exfoliation and extractions. We customize your experience from start to finish providing great results and a treatment you will thoroughly enjoy.

Brows and lashes

Your eyebrows and eyelashes can completely change your appearance. We offer services that will dramatically enhance the appearance of your eye area. It is like having a non-surgical face lift.

Brow Shaping

Well groomed brows are no longer a luxury. They lend definition to your facial features and frame your face, so keeping them groomed has become a necessity. Our brow shaping technique is virtually painless and will remove unwanted hair, adding beautiful distinction to your eyes.
15 minutes $20.00

Brow & Lash Tinting

Tinting is the perfect ritual if you want to add color to your brows and create added drama to your lashes. If you desire, we can custom blend the color just for you. Our lash color is formulated with all natural ingredients and provides long-lasting results.
10 minutes $20.00

Back Facial

We’ve got your back with this one. A “back facial” may sound odd, but this spa treatment is really beneficial for people who want to have a clear, smooth back. Remove blemishes, reduce scars, even skin color, and give an area which is hard to reach a nice, deep cleansing, and a smooth, healthy glow. Back facials are great for everyone, but we highly recommend this facial for men and women with clogged pores and back acne.
60 minutes $65.00

Fanny Facial

There is no body part we will not try to improve for you. You can have perfect skin everywhere, even on your fanny. Firm, soft, smooth and even skin just like when you were a baby.
45 minutes $65.00
Hand & Foot Treatment