Dr. Oz Talks About Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System

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You don’t have to turn to surgery to get younger looking skin. Dr. Doris Day reveals the newest products that will help reverse the effects of aging on the Dr. Oz Show. See results immediately.

Watch Pelleve demonstration on the Dr. Oz Show

Fall Specials

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Love Skincare Center Medical Spa

Because you’re special…….

Love Skincare Center has fall specials just for you!

 Summer fun and warm summer weather goes by fast, but the sun damage we
get from all of that fun in the sun last forever. But, Ivanna Trump is
right…..”Don’t get mad, get even!”…..and that applies to your
skin treatment. If you have uneven skin
tone conditions such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, dark spots or
discoloration, it is time to “get even” and Love Skincare
Center Medical Spa has treatment specials during the month of September that
will help you get the beautiful, even skin you deserve.

* Complete Skin Lightening System

Put away the heavy makeup and “get
even” skin with this new generation in-office/at-home procedure. If you
have tried unsuccessfully to treat melasma and stubborn discoloration, you will
be amazed by the Complete Skin Lightening System. What makes this treatment so
desirable is it will effectively even
your skin tone and reduce melasma without any discomfort! It will also
reduce fine lines and wrinkles to give you the beautiful, smooth skin and
lasting glow you’ve dreamed of. Price includes all pre-treatment and topical
skincare products needed to enhance your results. Ideal for every skin tone from very light to very dark.

Regular price $400  Fall
Special Price $325.00

* Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System

Be among the first in Denver to have this
revolutionary, new procedure that will lift and tighten your face and neck,
improve wrinkles and brighten your skin, in one hour. There is no anesthesia,
pain, downtime, or surgery involved and results are immediate and long
lasting.”Get even,” skin and get rid of sagging skin and wrinkles! Great to have the day of or just before a big

Fall Special Pricing

$350/ upper face

$600/ lower face

$1000/ full face and

* 24 Karat Gold Facial

Would you like to even your skin tone,
moisturize, soften and hydrate your sun dried skin and feel really pampered
during the process?  If the answer is
yes, then the 24 Karat Gold Facial is just what you need. “Get even”,
hydrated skin with this luxurious facial which infuses products formulated with
24 Karat gold powder and silk extract. We include a gentle DiamondTome
Microdermabrasion for a really decadent facial treatment that also perfects
pores and minimizes fine lines. It
doesn’t get any richer than this and “getting even” skin never
felt so good. When it comes to your skin, Love Skincare Center truly has the
midas touch!

2 hour royal treatment

Regular price $120.00      special
price $80.00

* September Birthday Facial

We love to make our guest feel special but we
really pull out all the stops when it is your birthday. We can’t bake you a
four layer cake, but our 4-layer birthday facial is really yummy! We put our
own special twist on a facial that has been voted the best facial of the century by Cosmopolitan UK and
featured in Vogue, Allure and GQ magazines as the #1 facial in the world. We promise a fabulous experience with the
added benefit of impressive skin rejuvenation. What a great way to treat
yourself or you can give this as a gift to someone who is special to you. Our
birthday guest will also go home with a complimentary birthday gift.

1 1/2 hour birthday

Regular price
$95.00   Birthday Special Price $42.50

* Plastic Surgery in a Bottle

Appropriately named because after an application
you can see a difference in the skin in
as little as 30 minutes! How you ask? Plastic Surgery in a Bottle has
glutathione which increases blood microcirculation in the tissues quickly. So
you instantly notice skin firming, more hydration, visibly soften wrinkles and
you “get even” skin tone. Receive a complimentary 2 oz. bottle when you purchase a series of three 24
Karat Gold facials, DiamondTome Microdermabrasions, Pelleve Skin tightening and
Wrinkle Reduction Treatments or Complete Skin Lightening Treatments. Money back guarantee.

$75.00 value

* Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

Purchase Latisse and receive a complimentary brow
shaping in addition to a $25.00 rebate. This product has FDA approval to enhance your eyelashes.

* Botox-$10.00/ unit

Physician injected only
our medical director, Dr. Robert Fante, a board certified plastic surgeon who
specializes in facial and oculoplasty.

Hurry up and call to make your appointment because
it’s time to “get even.”

We are now offering Pelleve

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Gale Love performs Pelleve procedure on a client.